Many of you know that we treat tattoos using the Revlite 1064 nm or 532 nm Q-switched laser.  But this laser is also increasing used for rejuvenation. The combination of the 1064 nm wavelegnth and the 532 nm wavelegnth can simultaneously address skin texture and pore size, as well as superficial epidermal pigmentation, such as brown spots. In the RevLite rejuvenation protocol, six treatments are performed several weeks apart. At each treatment the 1064 nm laser is used to improve texture and reduce pore size, while the 532 nm setting is used to improve pigmentation. The procedure is well-tolerated without the need for any numbing. There is minimal downtime. Usually there is some redness that lasts a day or two. If multiple brown spots are present then some peeling may occur following the procedure. Following the course of treatment, an improvement in texture, tone, pore size and pigmentation can be expected to be observed.

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