Sebacia microparticles for acneSebacia Microparticles, a novel treatment for acne was recently approved by the U.S. FDA. Sebacia is a microparticle that is applied to and massaged into the skin, where it selectively concentrates in sebaceous glands. The excess is wiped off. Following this, a 1,064 nm laser, such as an Nd:YAG laser, is applied, which results in selective heating of the pilosebaceous unit, reducing its level of activity..

According to a company press release, at 3 months, the mean acne inflammatory lesion count improvement was 66% from baseline
and at 6 months further improved to 79%.

The recent FDA clearance of Sebacia Microparticles is based on results from a randomized, controlled, blinded trial evaluating 168 patients with mild to moderate acne using either Sebacia Microparticles with laser or laser alone. The Sebacia Microparticles treatment arm demonstrated a 53% median reduction in inflammatory lesion count, compared to 45% median reduction achieved by the laser treatment alone.

It cannot yet be concluded that Sebacia Microparticles with laser is superior to laser alone, but this is an intriguing new treatment for acne, especially for patients that do not want to or are unable to take oral medications.

watch a Sebacia procedure

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