Dysplastic Nevus

About dysplastic nevus A dysplastic nevus, or atypical mole, is irregular in color and border, is larger than 5 mm in diameter, and often has an erythematous (red) background. In certain families, dysplastic nevi indicate an increased risk of developing a familial form of malignant melanoma. This is the Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome, also known as… Read More

Moles (Nevus, Nevi)

About nevus and nevi A nevus (pl. nevi), or mole, is a benign growth comprised of aggregates of pigment producing cells. They vary greatly in appearance, size, pigmentation, and surface characteristics. However, each individual nevus is uniform in border, color, and texture, distinguishing it from a malignant melanoma. There are three types of nevi: junctional,… Read More