SOMA Skin & Laser Acquires a DEKA SmartXide DOT Laser

SOMA Skin & Laser now offers fractional laser resurfacing with the DEKA SmartXide DOT laser. This laser is ideal for rejuvenation and treatment of wrinkles, scars, and age spots. Visit the DEKA web site for information on these procedures.

SOMA Skin & Laser Adds New Botox And Skin Filler Web Site

SOMA Skin & Laser has launched, a new site dedicated to the botox and skin filler services of SOMA Skin & Laser. This site is intended to make these services more accessible and easy to find without sorting through the medical dermatology portions of the main website.

SOMA Skin & Laser Launches

SOMA Skin & Laser today launched the website The new website focuses on the wart treatment services available at SOMA Skin & Laser, collectively known as “Zap Your Wart”. From lasers to topical and systemic medications, SOMA Skin & Laser offers comprehensive wart treatment. Please visit the new site. The brand is intended… Read More

SOMA Skin & Laser Acquires RevLite Tattoo Removal Laser

SOMA Skin & Laser this week acquired the RevLite SI laser for tattoo removal, rejuvenation, and removal of pigmented lesions. We now have permanently in the office a Candela Vbeam pulsed Dye Laser, a Candela GentleMax, and a ConBio RevLite, as well as many other lasers that we are evaluating for acquisition. It is important when selecting… Read More

SOMA Skin & Laser now offering tattoo removal in New Jersey

SOMA Skin & Laser is now offering tattoo removal with the technology-leading state-of-the-art RevLite laser.  Our first tattoo removal session was this week, with five tattoos treated on four patients.  We will be offering this service once each month. Visit our Tattoo Removal Information Page for further information.

We are building our blog site

Please pardon the appearance of the various blog entries (most of them) that currently have only titles entered .  We are building out the blog site with helpful information on dermatology procedures and skin conditions.  This is a necessary intermediate step.  Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to SOMA Skin & Laser

SOMA Skin &  Laser is the premier dermatology practice in New Jersey, offering general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology treatments.  Check here for updates, information and offers.