Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) For Wrinkles, Anti-Aging and Scarring

About Platelet-Rich Plasma

Centrifuge for PRP platelet rich plasma
Centrifuge for platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma, also known as PRP is a concentration of a patient’s own platelets that can be used for various medical purposes. In the PRP procedure, blood is drawn (usually 1 or 2 tubes), which is then centrifuged to concentrate the platelets. This platelet-rich fraction of the blood is then injected into the skin, where it releases growth factors stimulating repair and regeneration. Typically several treatments are performed at monthly intervals for optimal results.

PRP has been used as an effective treatment in various surgical and medical fields, especially in orthopedics. In recent years, PRP has become of interest in dermatology, where it is used in the treatment of neck and face rejuvenation, scar treatment, and hair loss.

Use of the PRP technique may result in improvement in face and neck texture, improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, and improvement in scarring, including acne scars. PRP is sometimes combined with other treatments, particularly CO2 laser resurfacing and micro needling, for the treatment of wrinkles and scars.

Is PRP treatments paid for by insurance?

PRP treatments are a cosmetic procedure and not paid for by insurance. The cost of treatment depends on how many tubes of PRP are required.

Do PRP injections hurt?

Topical numbing can be applied to the treatment area ti improve patient comfort. For scalp injections, nerve blocks are sometimes used.

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**Results may vary patient to patient. There is no guarantee that any specific result can be achieved.
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