Laser Therapy for Sun Spots, Freckles and Uneven Pigment


Disclaimer: Results may vary patient to patient. There is no guarantee that any specific result can be achieved. Results may not be permanent.

Freckles and sun spots are a common problem. Although some freckles can add character, they are a sign of sun damage, and can sometimes be a distraction on the face. Sun spots, sun damage and freckles can be treated with the Revlite q-switched laser. Using the 532 nm wavelength, most of these spots can be removed in one or two sessions. The light of the q-switched Nd:YAG laser  is absorbed by pigmented lesions. The laser energy shatters the pigment particles, and the lesions then peel off gradually.

The 532 nm wavelength can be combined with the 1064 nm wavelength to also address skin texture and pore size. For this protocol, six treatments are performed at monthly intervals.

Does Revlite laser for sunspots and freckles hurt?

The Revlite laser is well-tolerated. If we are treating a small area, no numbing is generally required. For large areas or full-face, topical numbing is applied prior to the procedure. Chilled air or ice packs can also be used for patient comfort.

Is there downtime with the Revlite laser?

Freckles and sunspots treated with the Revlite laser will usually first turn white or grey (termed “frosting”), and then darken and peel off over a few days. Usually there is no down-time, and you can return to normal activities. There may be some redness for 24-48 hours.

Do I also need to use a lightening or bleaching cream with the laser?

Using lightening cream is an important part of treating freckles and sunspots, and is especially critical when treating the brown spots from melasma. We recommend a hydroquinone containing bleaching cream be used. Regular sunscreen use is required as well.

How many laser treatments will I need to remove sunspots?

Most sunspots and freckles can be removed with one to two treatments. Some lesions might require more treatments. On darker skin types a “low and slow” approach is usually most successful to avoid any pigmentation changes from the laser.

Do the marks return?

Most freckles and sunspots will not return when removed with laser. However, if you get sun exposure new marks are likely to form and old marks might return.

What type of care do I need after the laser?

Usually aquaphor ointment is applied to the treated area after treatment. The area should we washed normally and ointment used on any scab until healed. Sunscreen should be worn daily.

Can the Revlite laser treat melasma?

Melasma is a very challenging problem. A combination approach to treatment is required for good results. Topical lightening creams, sunscreen and laser used in combination can give good results. Laser treatments for melasma should not be too aggressive, as there is a high risk of rebound or recurrence. Multiple low-level laser treatments are often the best solution.

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**Results may vary patient to patient. There is no guarantee that any specific result can be achieved.
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