Keloid Excision in New Jersey

About keloid excision

A keloid is an excessive response to injury that can give rise to large unsightly scars that can also itch or hurt. Sometimes they start at a site of injury, but sometimes a specific injury is not noted. They can begin in acne lesions as well, especially on the chest and back. Although keloids can be treated with intralesional injections of steroids or other medications, sometimes excision is the only alternatives. However, even after surgery, injections are required regularly to prevent a recurrence.

keloid before
Keloid Before
keloid after
Keloid after excision

In the keloid excision procedure, the area is numbed with local anesthetic injection, and the keloid is removed in our office as anoutpatient procedure. After the keloid is removed, the area is repaired for best cosmetic result, and the suture line usually injected with steroids to help prevent recurrence. The sutures are typically removed in one week, followed by periodic steroid injections. Sometimes for keloids on earlobes, a pressure-earring is prescribed to be warn for several weeks.

Is keloid excision surgery covered by insurance?

Depending on the circumstances, keloid excision may be covered by insurance as a necessary medical procedure, or may be deemed cosmetic. At your consultation, we will help you determine if keloid excision might be covered by your insurance.

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