Excimer Laser For Vitiligo In New Jersey

Laser treatment for vitiligo in New Jersey

Disclaimer: Results may vary patient to patient. There is no guarantee that any specific result can be achieved. Results may not be permanent.

At SOMA Skin & Laser we offer the Pharos Excimer Laser for the treatment of vitiligo. With treatment sessions lasting just a few minutes, the Pharos Eximer Laser can make all the difference. The excimer laser utilizes a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light (UVB 308nm) that stimulates skin repigmentation in patients with vitiligo.

Our excimer laser is located in two locations convenient to most of New Jersey. Excimer laser is available in Millburn, NJ and in Paramus, NJ.

An estimated 1 to 2 million Americans have vitiligo. This autoimmune disease can impact on quality of life, and many patients are very troubled by the condition. While there is no cure for vitiligo, laser and medical treatments can often provide improvement.

Clinical studies with the excimer laser have shown that, in some patients with vitiligo, repigmentation can begin within 6 to 12 treatments, and successful repigmentation can often be obtained in 30 treatments or less. The number of treatments needed can vary from person to person based on a variety of factors. The excimer laser is also generally considered safe to use during pregnancy.

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Uses for Pharos Excimer Laser

The Pharos excimer laser, a 308nm laser, is primarily used for the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis, but is also used to treat a number of other skin disorders, including.

  • atopic dermatitis
  • alopecia areata
  • pityriasis rosea
  • parapsoriasis
  • cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL)
  • polymorphous light eruption and other photodermatoses;
  • lichen planus;
  • pruritus;
  • pityriasis lichenoides;
  • Striae alba;
  • Halo nevi;
  • Localized scleroderma; and
  • Granuloma annulare

About phototherapy

The excimer laser is a form of phototherapy. This is the use of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy, typically ultraviolet wavelengths, for therapeutic effect. Commonly used wavelengths are  broad band UVB (BB-UVB), narrow band UVB (nbUVB) and UVA. nbUVB is considered the safest and most effective wavelength for treatment of  psoriasis.  UVA is used primarily for photochemotherapy (PUVA), while UVA1 may be useful for atopic dermatitis and scleroderma. Ultraviolet radiation causes biological effects when it is absorbed by various molecules in the skin. Importantly, UVR produces alterations in both local and systemic immune response.

During the course of treatment, patients typically are seen two or three times weekly for therapy. Treatment  may be either in a light box for widespread skin disease, or with a hand or foot unit for localized involvement. The excimer laser is used for localized lesions.

Phototherapy is very effective in treating a variety of dermatoses and skin conditions, but a committed patient is required due to the frequency of required office visits. Home light-therapy units are available for use under physician supervision and will sometimes be reimbursed by insurance carriers.

Is Excimer Laser for vitiligo covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage for excimer laser therapy is variable. It is best to check with your insurance company prior to treatment. Our office can provide you with the billing codes used in excimer laser therapy.

Can excimer laser for vitiligo be combined with other treatments?

Excimer laser for vitiligo is often combined with other vitiligo treatments, such as topical steroids, topical calcineurin inhibitors such as Protopic, and JAK inhibitors, such as Opzelura.

Is excimer laser for vitiligo painful?

Excimer laser for vitiligo is not painful. There is a feeling of warmth.

What should I expect after an excimer treatment for vitiligo?

24 to 48 hours after treatment, the skin should be slightly pink, like a very mild sunburn. The laser energy is adjusted each session for optimal results.

Can I use the excimer laser while pregnant?

Excimer laser is generally considered safe during pregnancy for both mother and fetus.

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**Results may vary patient to patient. There is no guarantee that any specific result can be achieved.
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