Fillers For Lip Augmentation (Including Juvederm and Restylane) in New Jersey

SOMA Skin & Laser offers filler injections, such as Juvederm and Restylane, for lip augmentation, enlargement and definition. During this procedure we may also treat the marionette lines in the lower face and the vertical lip lines that sometimes occur, for complete lip and peri-oral rejuvenation.

Many facial fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, are a form of hyaluronic acid. Hyalronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, which can be injected to smooth wrinkles and restore youthful volume. In the lip augmentation procedure, the skin filler material is injected into both the body of the lip as well as the vermillion border to add volume and definition.

Skin filler injections for lip enlargement are done with a fine needle. Some skin fillers, such as Juvederm XC, contain anesthetic, while for others a topical anesthetic agent or ice may be applied first to the skin for numbing. At SOMA Skin & Laser, all skin filler injections for lip augmentation are performed by a board-certified dermatologist.

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Skin filler injections are priced by the syringe. Specials, promotions and discounts on skin and lip fillers are sometimes available, so call 973-763-7546 and schedule a no obligation consultation.

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