SKINVIVE Hyaluronic Acid microdroplet injection for skin smoothness

SKINVIVE is a new injectable hyaluronic acid for improving skin smoothness. It is approved and safe to use in all skin types. Unlike other Juvederm products, which are injected deep under the skin to support sagging skin and replace volume loss, SKINVIVE is injected into the the dermis using a microdroplet technique, plumping and hydrating the skin from within.

How long  does SKINVIVE last?

SKINVIVE is reported to last 6 months with optimal treatment.

Who is a candidate for SKINVIVE?

Anyone that wants enhanced skin smoothness can benefit from SKINVIVE. Whether you are looking for just a little glow, or are looking to smooth superficial wrinkles, SKINVIVE can help.

How is SKINVIVE injected?

SKINVIVE is injected using a small needle directly into the dermis. Topical numbing can be applied first for comfort.

What are the safety concerns with SKINVIVE?

Like any injectable, there is a risk of side-effects. Please review the risks on the Allergan website.

How can I get SKINVIVE injections?

Call SOMA Skin & Laser for a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist at 973-763-7546.



**Results may vary patient to patient. There is no guarantee that any specific result can be achieved.
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