Microbotox Injections

What is Microbotox?

Microbotox is a technique of injecting very dilute Botox very superficially. This is intended to affect only very superficial muscle fibers that contribute to wrinkles, as well as the sebaceous glands, without impacting the deeper facial muscles.

It is used primarily to reduce the appearance of fine lines, crepiness, vertical lines, and horizontal bands in the neck, where it can create a lifting affect on the jowls and better jawline contouring. Microbotox can also be used throughout the face to decrease oil and sebum production.

How is Microbotox performed?

Microbotox is used with a concentration of 20-30U of Botox in 1 ml of solution.  This compares with our usual dilution of 100U in 1 ml. In the lower face, a total of 60U of Botox is typically used. Instead of injecting deeply, a very small amount is used to raise a slight bleb in the skin. This limits the affects of Botox to just the superficial muscle fibers and glands.

Who is Microbotox good for?

If you are concerned with the appearance of your neck, or overactive sebum production, Microbotox might be a good solution.

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**Results may vary patient to patient. There is no guarantee that any specific result can be achieved.
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