Dermatologist in Springfield, NJ

SOMA Skin & Laser Dermatology is located near to Springfield, NJ, just across Route 78. If you live in Springfield, NJ then you will easily be able to find us on Millburn Avenue. If you are looking for a dermatologist near Springfield, NJ then you will find SOMA Skin & Laser very conveniently located. You can follow Springfield Avenue in Springfield, NJ, turn left at Vauxhall and then turn right on Millburn Avenue. You will see our dermatology practice located at 90 Millburn Avenue, #206, Millburn, NJ on your right. Our dermatology practice near to Springfield, NJ offers general dermatology, surgical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology. We offer Botox in Springfield, NJ, medical and surgical dermatology in Springfield, NJ, laser hair removal in Springfield, NJ, as well as many other procedures.

SOMA Skin & Laser treats adults and children for all skin conditions, and accepts most insurance. We have lasers for multiple skin conditions, including cosmetic lasers for wrinkles, tattoo removal and laser hair removal, lasers for facial redness, and lasers for psoriasis and vitiligo, among others. We also offer facials and chemical peels and other spa services near Springfield, NJ.

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