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Need a Maplewood, NJ dermatologist?

If you live in Maplewood, NJ and need a dermatologist, consider SOMA Skin & Laser. SOMA Skin & Laser Dermatology is located near to Maplewood, NJ and treats all medical, cosmetic and surgical skin conditions for adults and children of all skin types.

If you live in Maplewood, NJ then you know that Millburn, NJ is the adjacent town to the South of Maplewood. If you are looking for a dermatologist near Maplewood, NJ then you will find us very conveniently located. If you start on Valley Road in Maplewood and head South, you will reach Millburn Avenue. Make a right turn and our dermatology practice is on the left at 90 Millburn Avenue, #206, Millburn, NJ. This is just over the Maplewood border with Millburn. Our dermatology practice near Maplewood, NJ offers general dermatology, surgical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology.

Maplewood, NJ is located in Essex County, NJ and is a vibrant town of approximately 24,000 people. Maplewood has many recreational opportunities available, including many events at Memorial Park and the Burgdoff Cultural Center.

SOMA Skin & Laser offers surgical dermatology in Maplewood, NJ, such as cyst excision, medical dermatology near Maplewood, NJ, such as treatment for acne, warts, and rashes, and cometic dermatology near Maplewood, NJ, such as Botox, skin fillers, and laser treatments, such as laser hair removal.

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