After rejuvenating the face, many patients turn their attention to their aging hands. Hands show their age with loss of volume, accentuation of tendons and veins, and the presence of multiple age spots.

Complete hand rejuvenation requires addressing these individual components.

Adding Volume to the Aging Hand

Volumizing fillers can be injected into the backs of the hands. This restores the hand to a more youthful contour and blunts the prominence of tendons and veins. Radiesse can be used for this, as well as some of the hyaluronic acid fillers.

Removing Age Spots from the Aging Hand

Age spots can be quickly removed from the aging hand the same way that they are removed from the face. A RevLite peel, a DEKA resurfacing, or GentleLase spot treatment are all effective in removing age spots.

Sun Protection

Use sunscreen after your procedure to keep your hands looking young.

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