Injection of the scalp with platelet rich plasma has become a popular method for treating hair loss, especially andogenetic alopecia (also known as pattern baldness). A recent study further supports this treatment approach. In a 40 patient study of men and women with androgenetic alopecia, injection with platelet rich plasma (PRP) resulted in substantial improvement in hair count and shaft thickness.

The study compared two treatment groups. One group had PRP treatments every three months, followed by a fourth treatment three months later. The other group had two treatments one at baseline and a second treatment three months later. At three month followup, only the first group had a significant increase in hair count, but at six months both groups showed an increase. Even at six months, the first group had superior results, with a 30% increase in hair count from baseline versus a 7% increase in the second group.

This study suggests that more frequent scalp injections with platelet rich plasma may lead to a better result. The optimal treatment of androgenetic alopecia with PRP has not been fully defined, but more frequent treatments are likely to provide better results.

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Dermatologic Surgery. 44(9):1191–1200, SEP 2018



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