Lasers and lights for treating acne

Are lasers and light used to treat acne?

Lasers and light therapy are often used to treat acne, often in conjunction with other acne treatment methods, such as antibiotics and topical retinoids and topical antibiotics. Laser and lights for acne may be particularly helpful for those patients who prefer to treat acne without oral antibiotics.

Which lasers are used to treat acne?

One of the most common laser treatments for acne is the pulsed dye laser, such as the Vbeam. The pulsed dye laser is especially helpful in treating red acne marks and scars. The laser also exerts anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce acne breakouts. A light source, such as the laser, is sometimes coupled with an activating drug such as Levulan in a process termed photodynamic therapy. The q-switched nd:YAG laser is also used to treat acne. It is especially helpful for treating blackheads, and can also decrease sebum production, reduce p. acnes bacteria, and improve pore size.

Is blue light used to treat acne?

Blue light alone, termed BLU-U, can also be used to treat acne when used on a regular basis. This is a painless procedure and a useful adjunct to other methods of treating acne. Blue light is also used as part of photodynamic therapy. When blue light is used for acne it is applied for approximately 17 minutes.

Can lasers be used to treat acne scars?

Lasers can be used to treat acne scars. Red scars are usually treated with the Vbeam laser, while atrophic scars or pock marks are treated with the DEKA SmartXide DOT fractional ablative Co2 laser or microneedling.

Can lasers be used while taking isotretinoin (Accutane)?

In the past, conventional wisdom was that lasers should not be performed while on isotretinoin and for several months afterward. More recent studies, however, have concluded that most lasers are safe to use while on isotretinoin.

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