More men than ever are choosing to get Botox and dermal fillers to preserve and maintain a youthful appearance. There are differences in the treatment of men and women when it comes to cosmetic procedures. For men, it is important to avoid feminizing the face.

Botox for Men

Men often get the forehead and glabella treated, and somewhat less often the crow’s feet area. When injecting men with Botox more units are generally required as compared to women due to the greater muscle mass present in men. Injection to the brow should be kept relatively flat and care should be taken to avoid creating an arched brow, which is usually perceived as feminine.

Men often have heavier brows as compared to women and it important to avoid injections too low on the brow, which can result in forehead ptosis (droop).

Overall, men can benefit from Botox injections by reducing wrinkles on the upper face and periorbital region.

Dermal Fillers For Men

Men can benefit from soft tissue fillers, such as Juvederm or Belotero, to restore volume, especially in the mid-face area and at the nasolabial folds. Men can also benefit from augmentation of the jawline, creating a more masculine firmer jawline. Augmentation of the brow to create a stronger more masculine appearance is also popular.

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