Acne surgery for treating acne

What is acne surgery?

comedone extractors
Comedone extractors for acne surgery

One of the best treatments for acne is termed acne surgery. In this dermatological procedure, the face is first steamed for 10-15 minutes to open the pores. After this, comedones are extracted by hand and using a comedone extractor. Some acne lesions may require lancing. Other modalities that are sometimes used in acne surgery include a light application of liquid nitrogen, which helps open the comedones, and high-frequency treatment. Various topical treatments selected for your skin will be used as well. Acne surgery is one of the best treatments for acne. Despite potent medications, sometimes stubborn acne lesions need to be expressed. Acne surgery is used in conjunction with a complete acne treatment regimen. It can also be coupled with Blue Light treatment for acne. For a more pampered experience, you can consider an acne facial.

Who can benefit from acne surgery?

Acne surgery is best for acne patients with comedonal acne. It is not helpful for inflammatory papules. You should not attempt to squeeze or pop these on your own.

Is acne surgery really surgery?

Acne surgery is a term used by insurance companies to describe the extraction of multiple comedonal acne lesions. It is not actual surgery as a general surgeon would use the term.

What is the difference between acne surgery and a facial?

Acne surgery is a relatively brief and efficient procedure to extract comedones. A facial is a longer, more luxurious, process that also includes the use of various products to the face to promote skin health. More elaborate treatments, such as the hydrafacial, are available as well.

How often should I have acne surgery?

Your dermatologist will determine when you need acne surgery. Usually, it is best performed on a regular basis, typically monthly, until the skin is clear. If your dermatologist determines that you don’t qualify for acne surgery, you can still continue to have facials as a cosmetic procedure.

Does insurance pay for acne surgery?

Often your insurance company will pay for acne surgery when it is medically necessary, but each policy is different. You are advised to check with your insurance company first and ask about CPT code 10040.

Can I combine other procedures with acne surgery?

We often encourage the use of Blue Light for Acne, sometimes called BLU-U, in conjunction with acne surgery. It is an easy add-on to the procedure. Chemical peels can be added as well.

Acne surgery at SOMA Skin & Laser

Acne surgery as SOMA Skin & Laser is part of a complete acne treatment program that may include prescription medications and laser or light treatments. It can be one component of treating acne without antibiotics.

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